Who we are

Early Oroko history is hard to find in written sources and so relies mostly on oral historical accounts that have been handed down from generation to generation. While many Oroko do not claim their origins to a common ancestor, most Oroko trace their ancestry to a man named Ngoe,[circular reference] son of Nebongo (or Nambongo…

Oroko Language

Oroko Languages

The Oroko speak the Oroko language, a Narrow Bantu language which appears in Zone A.10 of Guthrie’s classification.The Oroko language is a dialect cluster comprising nine dialects, namely: Londo, Lolue, Lokoko, Lotanga, Lokundu, Lokombe (Ekombe), Longolo, Loma (Bima), and Lombongi (Mbonge). Some linguists have treated these dialects as separate languages.