Education costs continue to increase for the students and parents all over the world. Specifically, the high prices of textbooks create a significant financial burden on society, prohibiting many students from reaching their full academic potential.

With the huge economic crisis affecting the world today and the inflation of textbooks representing the major portion of this increase; parents are unable to afford a solid education for their children.

Although, success can be measured by the number of graduates from each school every year; Oroko Cultural Association measures success by the number of students who successfully graduate and are admitted into the universities or productive in society.

Currently there are no community libraries in the Oroko areas so the villagers depend on the schools for information. Unfortunately, all the schools do not have books to provide information to either the students or the communities. 97% of these students (from 5yrs to 17years) leave schools each day deprived of critical tool for their success.

Oroko eV.Berlin Brandenburg has from its creation tone the support of her people back home as one main objective. In this regard, she started with a scholarship program in 2012 whereby primary school children in the Oroko clan without sponsors could have the opportunity to go to school.

Firstly, she stated sponsoring two children and later increased the number to four including two private sponsors from the association making a total of six.

The sum of 30,000cfs(50eur)was allocated per child annually.

The sponsorship program was possible with help from people on the ground.

However, the program is put on hold or being suspended with the out break of political crises in the region in 2017.