1. Annual membership contribution is € 60, 00.
2. Condolence. V\/ith the death of a member’s spouse, father, mother or child, the association supports the member with the sum of €500,00. In this case, the amount to be contributed by each member will be determined by the number of active members present.
If the money existing in the associations coffers exceeds €3000, €250 will be deducted and the remaining € 250 will be contributed by the meeting.
If the money existing in the associations coffers exceeds €5000, the €500 will be deducted from it.

3. Marriage and Born House ceremonies. The association is entitled to support a member with the sum of € 250,00. But if he/she is oweing the Association, the debt will be deducted from the €250,00 he/she has to receive as support from the Association.

4. Send off. Any active member who is leaving the country voluntañly or involuntarily will be supported with the sum of €200.
5. Any member who gets money from the meeting unscrupulously will pay back the money with a fine of 10%. He / she will be given a time limit to pay back this money.


• Offences committed by members and corresponding fines shall be specified in the internal rules and regulation as decided by members in the general meeting.
• To this extent, late coming is punishable with a fine of €1. A member considered not late if he/she sends message informing the association prior to his/her lateness. But lateness without an escusable reason is punshable with a fine of €3.
• Absenteeism without adequate reason is punishable with a fine of €5.
• Any member who fails to attend a members Occasion has to pay a fine of €10. Failure to bring along your association’s uniform to occassions, is punishable with a fine of €5..
• If the host brings’ food to the meeting late he/she will pay a fine of €10.